Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Oprah Magazine Deconstruct

Ok,   I clearly have way too much time on my hands.  But I think being unemployed agree's with me  =)   God works in mysterious ways, because while I was still employed I subscribed to 4 or  5 magazines, that were,  only $5.00 a piece on Amazon.   Oprah is one of them.  I have never seen the Oprah show that I know of.  I was always at work.  But the anniversary issue came and it was so awesome I hated to throw it out. That picture of Oprah in profile that was on the back cover, brought tears to my eyes, it was so breathtaking.   So I challenged myself to find ways to recycle it.  Here is what I came up with:

1. I cut an article for hubby on motion sickness
2. Cut an article for me from Dr. Phil about life lessons
3. Cut out the book section to take to my book club
4. Clipped some recipes
5. Clipped some coupons
6. Made a scrapbook page out of all the quilled titles that were used for the features.  
7. I made cards.  Lots of cards. I channeled my inner child and cut, pasted and glued like a mad person.  It was so much fun. I used the Martha Stewart fine glitter set that I had just bought with a half off coupon and man do I ever love that stuff.  

My Dear Darling son, Jesse, brought home a baby raccoon, that was just a few weeks old. When the Mama didn't come back, he decided he needed this little screaming thing, as his new pet, to raise.  (you have no idea how LOUD a tiny little raccoon can be, when it's hungry and the bottle you have isn't cutting it) Well  I had other plans. That little guy wasn't going to die on my shift!   I found a wildlife rescuer, and took that baby right to her.  While he was at work.  Boy was he mad at me!  I made that raccoon card special for him.  His birthday is not until January, but I am sure he will appreciate it just as much then. BTW, Jesse is 26.   I don't want anyone to think I took a baby raccoon from my 12 year old while he was at work.  LOL


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