Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I found these awesome things at a Thrift Store in December.  Every once in a while you go in and find mad stuff, then others you come out empty handed.  So here they are. 
A wonderful cabbage bowl for .99.   Can't beat that.  It says not for food use, but I used it for food already. No one seemed to suffer any damage from the dip. 
Also for .99 we have this fabulously vintage deviled egg dish.  The turkey thing in the middle has little holes for, I assume, toothpicks.  I gave this lovely to my Nana and she felt like the indentations on either side probably held matching salt and pepper shakers. 

Ahhhhhhh Who was I to turn down the Blue Willow coffee cups.  They did  not have saucers, but I just wanted them.  They were .98 a piece.  So I get them home and think, what to do, what to do. I had some crocus bulbs so I started them in there.  They are sprouting now.  About 2 inches worth of growth. 

There is more to come so stay tuned.  I need to take some more pictures.

Monday, January 25, 2010



What  a fabulous idea to get folks together.  I was wondering how to meet fellow bloggers and just didn't have the time to figure out how to do this.  I am grateful to A Whimisical Bohemian for picking up the ball and running with it. 

I have a really cute wine bottle with lights and stained glass grapes, as the my give away.  Hubby drills the holes and I do all the rest, including draining the bottle before hand.    Turn your head to the left to see the picture  =)  Leave a comment on my blogspot and I will draw a lucky winner from them.  Good Luck and thanks for stopping by.   Can't wait to meet everyone.

PS  After visiting so many other pages I have decided to give away another gift for every 100 posts.   I think the joy of this is the visiting and the inspiration and the giving. 
I hope I have so many posts I run out of paint =)

UPDATE:  Well I just checked and I have over 100 comments so I will be sending out a second mystery prize to another lucky winner.  Sadly, it won't be another wine bottle, because I am on the wagon.  JUST KIDDING!  Hubby burned up the drill bit on the last one, and I have to order another so it will take awhile, But it will be a good gift I promise. I'm a crafty kind of girl.  =) 
Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog and I hope many of you return.  

Here is the link to A Whimsical Bohemian.