Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Butterfly Project

  I saw someone else's blog using the MS butterfly punch.   I had just purchased it and was punching out everything in the house.  I even (accidentally, I swear) punched a coupon for an oil change that hubby was saving.  There was a pretty picture on the back, what can I say.  So after seeing what others were doing, I decided to give it a whirl, but I personalized the ones I did, to suit the recipients.  The first one is for my BFF, Susan.  I don't remember all of the things the butterfly's represented, but I wrote them down for her, so she would.  

Some of the things that represent Susan:  A Salad, Swimming Pool Water, Some Metamucil, A round Brush, A mani/pedi, Campbell's Soup, Sand, A pair of jeans, The Outer banks, An Owl, Ummm maybe some Vagisil,  (it's a looonngg running joke, she doesn't really need  Hearts, and some other craziness, that only she would understand.

This one was for my sister, Leslie.  I got better as I went along, clearly.  She got some Prilosec, The Outer Banks, Pringles,  Brad Pitt, Starbucks,  A panty liner, Hair dye,  A pair of jeans, A kitty cat, The sun, A reese cup, A Bible verse, A ham sandwich, Some high heel shoes, a golf course and an Oreo Cookie.   I have no idea what some of these are now. 

I currenlty have 3 more in the works. What a great gift for someone special, no?

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