Saturday, June 19, 2010

BFF Love

I love my BFF, Susan.  I don't know what in this world I would do without her.  She is one of the most compassionate, caring and thoughtful individuals you are ever likely to find. Plus she is tons of fun. And nope, you can't have her.  God sent her special to me, I have no doubt.    We made this pillow tree together.   We saw it and knew it was a project just for her.  The pillow from a thrift store,(hope it really was sanitized, as the tag said)  the buttons at Wal Mart (yes one of the last surviving Wal-Mart's with a craft/sewing section - of course it was North Carolina )  and Aleene's Patch and Applique glue from Michaels.   It was a little messy but worth it, because she loved it and we had fun together.  She just happened to pop over after the gym and the next thing you know, I had that pillow on her lap and we were crafting and talking, and laughing.  Did I mention that I love my, BFF?

Yep,  thats her, behind the pillow, looking just like her Mother.  LOL

See that glue oozing through the botton hole's?  It eventually dried.  (We used felt for the trunk, same glue.)

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Susan said...

I love you BFF! I know God sent you to me too...this is a fact that I like to think about whenever I'm feeling sad and it cheers me up. I love this project we made together and so has everyone I have shown it too. Thank you for getting the supplies for us to make it. I will keep it forever and smile everytime I look at it :0) Love you BFF