Friday, January 30, 2009

Locked in my own car!!!

This can only happen to ME, and it really happened I swear. I even took a picture of myself inside.

I'm off to Boston on Tuesday morning for a meeting Wednesday and Thursday. It snowed, so pretty, and was so cold and I was trapped in an office and couldn't enjoy it, but all was well. We had a nice group dinner and then hung out in the lobby afterwards with a board game and wine. Which I have a haiku for. Thursday, Priscilla and I leave. She drops me at that airport and returns her rental car, then she and Jason are off to NYC for a nice long weekend. I have a nice long wait. Get there at 4:30 or so and my flight is out at 8:30 pm. I go down to my gate then decide that I am hungry and have passed all the hot food in the center of the airport and am stuck eating a horrible cold icky tuna sandwich bag of chips and bottle of water that set me bag 13 bucks. Love airports. The plane left EARLY. isnt that unheard off? And the plane is half empty so I get to spread out. Unheard of again! Took a picture of that too.

We arrive back in about 10:15 or so to Newport News. I get my bag, which has miraculously appeared on the baggage carasel (sp?)and is waiting for me when I get downstairs. (another, unheard off, espeically at that airport) This is the best travel experience EVER, save for the tuna sandwich. I should have known right away that something bad was going to happen. I get my bag and go to the garage and it is cold outside. 30 degrees. I am parked on the top of the garage and as soon as I get out of the elevater I click the auto start. I was the first car in the lane. nothing. I do it again. nothing and I hear a clicking noise as I get closer. I load the suitcase in the back and then get in the car and put the key in the ignition. and clickclickclickclickclick. dead, nice. except that it keeps making this electronic cycle, from the door to the panel to the ignition switch and then back again. clicking all the way. even when my key was out of the ignition it just kept doing it and guess what. I was LOCKED in the car. I tried everything to get out, but no luck. Thank goodness for cell phones. I called Jesse and he had to stop by walmart and get some jumper cables and then drive all the way to Newport News to get me. It was really, really cold in the car though. I found some socks in my glove box, and I had gloves and a scarf and I also had one of those ear wrap things, and a blanket I threw in the car last week when I thought it was going to snow. Kinda funny. I am just glad that my last trip had been to Boston and I had cold weather gear instead of to Florida. I don't think a bathing suit wrapped around my head would have provided much warmth.

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Susan said...

I want to hear the haiku!!!! Also..half empty plane MIGHT have creeped me out a little for some reason..maybe its because I am scared of planes.