Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Bug among us

Been awhile Since I blogged, so I have much to talk about and time. The holidays were a big blur as usual, but I might come back to that. At the moment I have something MORE pressing on my mind. Ronnie, Natauni, Miah and there little bulldog puppy Dora (who is cute but not nice and has no manners) moved in, temporarily until her parents arrive next week and then they are moving in with them. Ok stuff is everywhere, the house is not big enough for all of us, christmas crap still out everywhere, Gary couldn't take off work during the holidays like he normally does and he takes down Christmas so we are piled in here, in a mess of leftover presents and wrappings, If i took a picture of my den right now, everyone I know including me would be appalled. With that being said, we now have a virus here in Blowville. Miah got it from her Nana. She came down with it Friday and Natauni had to pick her up from the babysitters because she was throwing up. then she threw up spaghetti'os in the car, then last night Ronnie and Natauni came down with it. They were in the bathroom every 15 minutes, yacking away. Once they were both in there at the same time. they barely moved today so I managed Miah who woke me up early to tell me it wasn't dark outside anymore. Miah speak for GET UP B.B. Now Gary has it. He says he hasn't been this sick since he had food poisoning years and years ago. I am holding my breath. I prayed as soon as I heard Miah had it that I wouldn't get sick. And then I have been washing my hands like a fanatic and spraying the house down with stuff. I hope it works. Jesse is now not feeling well. I told him not to come home at all, but he did. So I am the last hold out. Thank goodness dogs can't catch people stuff or we would be in a world of trouble over here. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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