Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random stuff

It's really hot here in Virginia. 100 today and yesterday. Too hot to breath. I just saw on the news that the average temp for this time of year in our area is 75. So I was outside at Harbour Pointe today and there was this squirrel on the patio concrete just laying there with his little legs stuck out on the sides and his belly on the concrete. Just chilling. It is that hot. I wished I had a camera. I got a peanut from a resident and squatted down and he got within inches of my hand but I got scared and dropped the peanut. It was all kinda funny. Lori thought it was going to attack and she backed away. I saw some birds with their little beaks open today too. I wonder whats up with that? North Carolina is burning again and the smoke has blown our way. Its so smokey outside you feel like you have been standing by a bon fire.

I took this watercolor class, this is the second one I have taken. I don't seem to be inproving and if you like watercolors that look like a 6 year old did them, then I am the artist for you. At any rate the Suffolk Art Museum is having its annual member show and since I signed up and paid my dues to be a member I thought I should submit something. I was more than a little embarrased but bit the bullet. I took in a tiny tiny lemon that I painted last year and had given it to my sister and I was struggling to find something to put in the show and I was at her house and I snatched it off the wall and said Give me that!! She fussed and said she wanted it back because it matched her kitchen. I got Gary to put a wire hanger on it and I trotted my little lemon to the Museum today. When I get there it wasnt as intimidating as I had anticipated. However, I named the tiny little lemon, Leslie's Lemon but when I got there I had to put a PRICE on it. LOL. I thought hell's bell's what in the world. So I wrote out $50.00 LMAO That's the funniest thing I ever heard of. I talked to Becki and she told me that when she was in art school her teacher said, count your time and supplies and then times 3 with whatever you come up with. If you value your work, others will too. Well my renderings are somewhat of a joke and only my family wants them, but I do enjoy it, and thats what counts.

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Lori Andrews said...

I DO NOT agree with your comment about your painting looking that of a six year old. Your lemon is lovely and WONDERFully matted. It's adorable, I would love to see more. Thank you for following me, also I will be starting an on line art workshops at http://loriandrews.ning.com in the future if your ever interested in taking a class. Although it looks like you've definitely got the basics and much more down. :) Happy creating! Lori