Monday, May 4, 2009

Time Flies

My Nana has always told me that the older you get the faster time moves. Well it's true. I am old and time is zooming. Seiously. The other week I couldn't even remember what season it was. How scary is that. It's been a stressful month to say the least. Poor little Mom in the hospital all month long. Just got word that she is going to be transferred back to Bay Pointe again. HURRAY. She has been in Virginia Beach General for way too long. They just poke and prod and haven't really come up with any answers. so Now she can go get some rehab and get strong again and get back home. I have been filling in for Priscilla at work. Problems abound. I don't know if I am coming or going and I am getting fatter. How can this be? Eating strange hours and no routine lately.
Oh I did do something weird. I got eyeliner tattoo'd on my lower lid. I don't know why really. Natauni's Mom did it for me. She is certified. It kind of hurt and it was way sore and red and swollen the next couple of days. It only lasts about 3 years because it goes only to the second layer of skin where a tattoo goes to the third layer. I have to get a touch up in about 3 weeks. Its hard to not wear make up underneath for 10 days and keep vaseline on it, but vanity vanity. I will take a pic and post it soon.
Oh and Me and Gary are looking at a house in OBX. It's going up for auction again. He went down to see it this past weekend, but couldn't get in. He is going to try to get a key for this weekend. It's really big. 7 bed rooms 6 baths. Pictures to come of that too.

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