Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner - OOPS

Wow has the magic carpet ride been fun.  This was my first year, and I just happened upon it, and boy am I glad I did.  So many creative people out there, and some very unusual things, and I was so inspired by so many.  I have always wanted to try an altered book and I saw so many great examples.  I even followed several blogs to Etsy and will definately be back to shop there.  Love handmade things.  So without further ado I went to the Random Number Generator and picked two winners!
A little drum roll please for:

GPC from Michigan - The lighted wine bottle

Lolly from Virginia - The mystery runner up prize

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my page.  I have to really be able to go back and look at some of your awesome blogs, now that the craziness is over.

Bloggers Really Rock!!!

Soooo I very lovingly wrapped up my gifts for th eprice and then I just checked my comments and GPC got the wrong prize!  And at this point in the game I don't know if I typed it backwards on this blog, or if I made the switch up on the piece of paper I was working off of, when I packaged the things up.  So all I can say is I'm sorry GPC and Lolly.   Did I at least have the right  names on the cards?  I mean how hard could this have been.  lol.  Ok,  let's see what I can blame for this OOPS.  My husband, I can usually blame him for something,  or maybe it was some wine, or maybe it was  those silly Chantix pills that make me have zero short term memory, the dogs, are usually good for a dose of blame, or maybe I just didn't pay attention and screwed up!  Please ladies, accept my humble apologies and enjoy your gifts. 


Lolly said...

Woot! A mystery prize - I love it!!! Thanks so much, Robbin! I Just emailed you my info.
This is awesome!!

Cat said...

GPC is a lucky bunny!

Congrats Lolly!

gpc said...

LOL -- gpc is a VERY lucky bunny! What a great feeling! :) Thank you!

Healing Woman said...

Hi Robbin~fellow Virginian,
I looked for an e-mail address but couldn't find one. I wanted to thank you for making a comment on my OHOW post. I just looked over your blog and decided immediately to be a follower. Loved the "Stealing story" You've got a good sense of humor. Perhaps you'd love to read about my vacation to Mexico..not the usual run of the mill vacation! To say the least. Hope you like it.

Healing Woman~ Cheryl Dolby at or

Sherrie said...

Hello Robbin. So nice to meet you. Thank you and welcome to my blog. I have been having fun meeting everyone. I will be getting ready soon to post some sewing creations and some recipes that I am perfecting. If I can sew it, paint it, cook it, create it, or find it at Goodwill, than I am happy. I hope you enjoy.

gpc said...

Wow, you had me listed as the winner of the wine bottle, so I was really surprised to receive a beautiful necklace today! It's lovely, thanks so much!

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

ah, the perfect post to comment on, for you are a winner too! I am soo very late with this..but is more of a surprise that way. Please send me your email and address! Off to do my OWOH drawing post!

gpc said...

I hope it was the wine, that's my favorite thing to blame! The necklace I received is lovely -- I am wearing it right now! -- it's all good.