Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Swap ???

I must be totally stupid, because I happened upone someone's blog a bit ago who was participating in a Blog Swap.  Ok  soounds good to me, I'm in, but I can't figure out how to get my partners.  Anywho, maybe someone will help a Sister out over here.  I am cutting and pasting what I got from someone else's blog with the instructions.

I participated in a swap on Swap-bot called Be my blog follower on Blogger. To sum it up it was a blog swap only for those of us with blogs on Blogger. It was a chance for us to get more blog followers. There was a total of 29 people to sign-up :) We each got 10 partners that we had to checkout their blogs and follow. Yay, that means 10 more followers for me and 10 more awesome blogs I get to read!! I loved all of the partners I was paired up with.
Stay tuned folks.  I hope I get 10 Partners from somewhere, and Sorry to those that get ME.  LOL

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