Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OMG PETA's gonna get me

Ok I don't know how this thing happened, but I purchased these cute little frogs for Gary for Christmas at Brookstone. A FrogOsphere! Two tiny dwarf frogs and a piece of bamboo. They are very interesting to watch and I was without a good present so I got them. Now I am reading online where PETA has investigated the place where the frogs are farmed and they are less than stellar conditions.   Not being fed, eating each others legs off, diseases etc etc.  They die as soon as you get them home, then you send away for more.  So what do all of us masses do, now that we have found out our frogs have been abused? Why we love our frogs and feed them and talk to them and nuture them back to health.
Why does PETA do this stuff? How was I supposed to know. I am heading to Norfolk now, Maybe I will stop by PETA headquarters and drop my frogs off to them, so they will feel guilty for owning them.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Let me try again. I tried leaving a comment earlier and it said my browser or something was not right.
Good gosh now what.
Anyway I was thanking you for stopping by my site and leaving a sweet comment. Also I wanted to wish you a Very Happy New Year

Cat said...

Keep the frogs and take care of them, but please don't send for any more!
It's not your, PETA, or the frogs fault the come from a nasty place with mean people.